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Freezywater Flagsheets

Freezywater Flagsheets now available from the Society's website!

Everyone is aware of the wonderful heraldic artwork of Patrick McGill. They feature in numerous editions of The Hobilar and many Freezywater Publications.

There is now two Flag Sheet listings on the Society website. The Wars of the Roses are covered by forty-six sheets alone. These, on average, contain six standards or nine banners. Available in both the major scales, 15 and 25/28mm. Also available are flags for the Hundred Years War, Burgundian, Swiss, Flemish, German, Portuguese, Hungarian, Hussite, Polish, Scots, Italian city States, Italian Wars and more.

  Flag Sheet listing for the War of the Roses

  Flag Sheet listing for the 'other' periods

Orders will be dealt with by David Lanchester. Simply list the sheets you require by their reference number, what scale and quantity of each one. Then send it in an email to his address at [email protected]. He will then send you a Paypal Payment Request. This will include postage. Postage in the UK is from £3.00, Rest of the World is from £5.00.

For those who need to order our publications, please continue to use our website. However, if you wish to order our publications and flagsheets it will be simpler to order these together through David. It may also be a bit cheaper!

The Prices of each flagsheet is £3.50 for 25/28mm and £3.00 for 15mm.

Orders to:
David Lanchester: [email protected]
Address: 27 Aire View, Snaith. East Riding of Yorkshire. DN14 9TE UK
Telephone: 01405 948687

If buying publications WITH flagsheets use the following Book Listing as it may be a bit cheaper.