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Subscription Costs

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You can now subscribe to the Lance and Longbow Society via this page using your credit card and PayPal. All payments are secure.

The Society now offers the option or joining or renewing your membership for one, two or three years.

Please make use of the facility of multi-years membership, by joining for more than one year you help the Society to maintain its membership base and cut down on administration. Also, perhaps most importantly for you the member, it may well save you money in the long run, as membership subscriptions are under constant review.

Subscription Type Period

You may also join by sending a UK cheque or Sterling Money Order made payable to the Lance and Longbow Society to Dave Lanchester. American residents may join by sending a cheque (£1 = $1.54) for $54.00, $108.00 or $162.00 to Bob Burke.