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Victory at Poitiers

By Christian Teutsch : Published by Pen and Sword Books

Victory at Poitiers

On 19 September 1356, near Poitiers in Central France, one of the most famous and decisive battles of the Hundred Years War was about to begin. 6,000 English men, lead by Edward the Black Prince, faced a battle-hardened French force commanded by King Jean II numbering 14,000 strong.

Faced with either the shame of retreat or the distinct possibility of total annihilation, Edward pitted his men against a force that was more than double his own.

The battles that ensued exemplified Edward's military prowess and the English army withstood three epic battles which culminated in a near total rout, the death of thousands of French troops and the capture of Jean II.

Over the centuries, the story of this against-the-odds English victory has, along with Crecy and Agincourt, become part of the legend of medieval warfare. And yet in recent times, the commanders of this classic contest have received less recognition than those of celebrated battles of other periods. This superb new title from military historian Christian Teutsch aims to redress this balance and shed new light on this fascinating period.

In order to fully understand this decisive battle, the author starts by explaining the concept of the Hundred Years War and analyses the series of skirmishes that took place between 1346 to 1355. These range from the Battle of Crecy where the Black Prince was first established as a military hero to the Battle of Neville's Cross where the English forces triumphed against the Scots.

Teutsch describes in vivid detail the Black Prince's experiences that led to his horse charge across the countryside of southwest France, and the critical actions of Romorantin and Chatellerault that made Poitiers possible. His narrative culminates with the prince's daring ride to draw the French king Jean into battle and the drama of the combat itself. Combined with a selection of over 15 battlefield maps showing the orders of battle, this informative and highly readable account is a compulsive purchase for all with an interest in medieval history.

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