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Edward IV and The Wars of the Roses

By David Santiuste : Published by Pen and Sword Books

Edward IV and The Wars of the Roses

This book chronicles the life of Edward IV and the monumental battles that he took charge of during the Wars of the Roses.

Edward IV was indisputably the most effective general of the Wars of the Roses. His actions on the battlefields against the Lancastrians saw him become King of England twice, a title which he contended with Henry VI for almost twenty years before his sudden death in 1483 at the age of 41.  Read More >>>

The Medieval Soldier

By Vasey Norman : Published by Pen and Sword Books

The Medieval Soldier

The ideals, beliefs and organisation of the common solider in the medieval period were a world apart from the technology-driven, high powered counterparts of today.

In a world of knights, crusaders and Templars, chivalry was the order of the day, a code of courtesy, generosity and valor which governed the life of the medieval aristocracy from the king himself down to the humblest knight.  Read More >>>

Victory at Poitiers

By Christian Teutsch : Published by Pen and Sword Books

Victory at Poitiers

On 19 September 1356, near Poitiers in Central France, one of the most famous and decisive battles of the Hundred Years War was about to begin. 6,000 English men, lead by Edward the Black Prince, faced a battle-hardened French force commanded by King Jean II numbering 14,000 strong.

Faced with either the shame of retreat or the distinct possibility of total annihilation, Edward pitted his men against a force that was more than double his own.  Read More >>>

War for the Throne - The Battle of Shrewsbury 1403

By John Barratt : Published by Pen and Sword Books

War for the Throne

The great battles of the Wars of the Roses between the House of Lancaster and York in the second half of the fifteenth century are well known to most people with an interest in British history. However, while the battles at Bosworth Field, Towton and Tewkesbury may be familiar, less well known is the desperate conflict of the early years of the same century, when the new Lancastrian dynasty, headed by King Henry IV, fought a merciless struggle for survival against a host of enemies at home and abroad.  Read More >>>

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